A Call to Prayer for Our Nation

Last night, God laid it on my heart to spend some time in Revelation.  Honestly, Revelation is not a book I would normally turn to.  In fact, I didn’t read it until I was required to in 9th grade.  Revelation can be unnerving and difficult to understand.  Thus you can understand my reluctance to turn to that particular book.  Yet, I felt certain that was where God wanted me to turn.

The beginning chapters of Revelation are a warning to the Seven Churches.  Each church had fallen into some sort of sin.  As I pondered God’s warnings to the churches I noticed a similarity between the state of the churches and the current state of our nation.

Just as the first church, our nation has fallen away from its first love.  Founded on the words “In God We Trust”, America now mocks the name of God.  We have more than fallen away.  We have turned our back.  God’s warning to the church and to those who would come?  Repent and remember from where you have fallen.  Turn back.

As the second church, our nation has bowed under the pressure of false teaching.  Politics is no longer a matter of honor, but of who can concoct the most deceptive lies.  In our schools, our youth are led astray day after day.  By separating the church and state, our education system has crumbled.

The third church fell into sexual immorality and the fourth church tolerated such behavior.  Much of our nation has become sexually immoral.  Many have exchanged the natural for the unnatural.  Others have taken the lives of children in order to exercise their sexual freedom.  Those not walking in such sin, often tolerate it.  We are warned not to tolerate such immorality.  This kind of sin tears apart God’s design from the beginning.  The Lord longs for us to repent.

In addition to these things, our nation has fallen asleep.  Our nation is lukewarm.  The apathy and complacency we have given into have led to the struggles we now face.  Apathy in politics has led to most people being unhappy about either candidate in the coming election.  People are tearing each other apart over politics.  Apathy and lukewarm complacency are tearing our nation to pieces.  We need people who will rise up, who won’t be satisfied with lukewarm.  Our nation must turn back.

I would encourage you as the election approaches to pray for our nation.  Take some time even today, to specifically pray for the future of our nation.

  1. Pray for repentance.
  2. Pray for our nation to return to her First Love.
  3. Pray sexual immorality would have no place in our nation and that it would no longer be passively tolerated.
  4. Pray for a wake-up call.
  5. Pray for people to wake up from their slumber and rise up.
  6. Pray for the outcome of the elections.
  7. Pray and Trust God.

While the condition of our nation is saddening and may even seem hopeless, take courage, God is in control.  God is the First King and He will be the Last King.  Ultimately He is in control.  “He changes times and seasons.  He sets removes Kings and sets up Kings” (Daniel 2:21).  As you vote, leave the outcome up to God.  Do not fear.  God still reigns over all.


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